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Welcome to 5th Grade Social Studies!

"We are not makers of history.
We are made by history."
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
Welcome to 5th grade Social Studies! This year we get to dive deep into United States history covering the geographic features, the foundation of America (discovery, exploration, colonization), creation of our country, the growth of the United States all the way to where we are today, and everything in between (growth, war, devastation, celebration, and so much more!).
Conference Time: 2:35-3:20
Phone: (979) 968-4700 Ext. 4015
Email: melody.mckee@gmail.com
Remind 101: Text @lgisd1718 to 81010
Mrs. McKee's Schedule
8:05-8:55         Block 1 Period 1   (McKee Homeroom)
8:56-9:46         Period 2   (Intervention)
9:47-10:35       Block 1 Period 3   (Kirts Homeroom)
10:37-11:28     Block 2 Period 4   (Jobb Homeroom)
11:29-12:18     Block 2 Period 5   (Head Homeroom)
12:20-12:50     Lunch
12:54-1:44       Block 3 Period 6   (Hrbacek Homeroom)
1:45-2:25         Block 3 Period 7   (Mazac Homeroom)
2:25-2:35         Recess  
2:35-3:25         Period 8   (Specials)