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Welcome to 6th Grade Math.  This will be my 4th year teaching in La Grange, my 21st year teaching, and my 7th year teaching 6th Grade Math.  I will strive to create a fun, fast paced learning environment for you this year.  Please be sure you are doing all you can to help yourself!  Below are a few things you can do to make sure your year is a success!
1.  Do those Builders every night.  No they are not graded, but they help you review the work you have already learned so you don't forget it.  They also give you a chance to keep working on a skill you struggled with after we have moved on in class.  And most importantly you can not participate in LAST MAN STANDING if you did not do the Builder!  It should take you only 15 min to do each night.  
2.  Practice those multiplication facts if you do not have them memorized, that will make every other skill we learn easier!
3.  Study, before the test.  
4.  Come to tutorials if you need help, do not wait until after the test!  You know earlier than that if you are having a hard time with a new concept
Together we can make this YOUR best year in Math!